Henna and Jagua Mehndi Bodyart Services, Vancouver, BC


Mehndi (mehendi or mehandi) body art using Henna or Jagua plant dyes, are increasingly common and very popular. My natural and safe dyes will stain your skin for up to two weeks or more, the perfect solution to a long lasting temporary tattoo.

I have been using my talent and intuition for developing unique and beautiful designs suited for every individual. Some may desire fancy and dainty Mehndi drawings. While others may want to shout out their personalities with bold and exciting new works of art

I love to be let loose to create something special for each new client!

‘Temporary tattoos’, another name associated with this body art, are fun because they do not last forever and give people some kind of idea what it feels like to have a marking on their skin.

Book early for corporate events.

Henna (Lawsonia inermis) is made up from the leaves of a bushy plant coming out of the Middle East and Africa and Asia. These are crushed and formed into a paste with essential oils, lemons, sugar and other food grade ingredients. The burgandy-brown color is very natural looking for all skin types, but especially fairer skins.Original stains for the art of Mehendi.

Jagua (Jagua americana) comes from an edible fruit grown in South America. When the fruit is unripe, the juice leaves a black stain not unlike the colour of a real black tattoo. What is interesting about this dye how it deepens in colour over a period of time. It starts off quite light, but almost magically darkens to a tattoo bluish-black.

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