Black Henna Warning

Natural Henna will not stain your skin black!!

Natural Henna will stain your skin any range of colors from light orange to red to dark brown, but it will not turn your skin black. Artists who offer Black Henna are using a chemical commonly used in hair dye, called para-phenylendiamine or PPD. They add this to their henna to make the skin turn black.

Para-phenylendiamine is not safe to put on the skin and even when it is used to dye the hair, the scalp must be avoided to reduce chances of adverse reactions.
PPD is not approved for skin. It is a hair dye. PPD can cause skin irritations and blistering and even painful burning, many people who have received a black henna tattoo will be sensitive to hair dyes in the future!!

Jagua is a safe alternative to acheive a Black Temproary Tattoo.

Jagua is not Henna.

Jagua is a gel made from an unripened rainforest fruit. Used for centuries by the indiginous peoples of the rainforest to adorn their bodies with a black staining decoration with lasts 5 – 14 days.