Getting a Henna or Jagua Temporary Tattoo

Before and During your Application Session:

  • It is best if you have a shower prior to the session because you will have to wait for about one or two days before getting the area wet again.
  • First pick a design or let Nicole work her magic with an intuitive and spontaneous design.
  • You will have your area of skin cleaned in preparation for the mehndi tattoo.
  • While sitting or lying down Nicole will apply the Henna or Jagua dye freehand to achieve the design desired. Some designs require a transfer to get a more symmetrical look.
  • Please try to sit as still as possible so that Nicole can work swiftly. Let her know if you need to move suddenly to avoid a mistake.
  • Once the tattoo has been applied, you will need to let the Henna paste or Jagua gel dry to the touch. This can take between 10 – 30 minutes depending on the temperature and thickness of design.
  • With the Jagua, you can go about your day now, just remember to not rub the area for 3 hours and then peel off the dried gel. Splash a bit of water over the area to get rid of the residue. Now wait and watch while the design slowly develops and appears before your eyes, this will take 12 – 48 hours to completely darken. Do not be discouraged when you first see only a light stain, this is normal!
  • With the Henna, it is best to dab some sugary lemon juice onto the design every 20 minutes as it dries. You can continue to do this for many hours. If you choose to not do this you can also dab one time, let it dry and then tape some Micropore Paper medical tape over the dry henna, this will hold it in place and not let the henna sweat and smudge. (available at our Retail Shop page)
  • Leave the Henna paste on your skin a minimum of three hours up to one day! Remember that the longer the henna is in contact to your skin the darker the stain you will achieve and the longer it will last on your body!


  • Do not remove the Gel or Paste too early.
  • Wait for up to 2 days before contact with water.
  • Protect your tattoo with some cooking oil or aftercare balm before contact with water.
  • Avoid contact with cleaning agents like soap or bleach, and try to minimize contact with chlorinated water.
  • Avoid saunas and steam rooms.
  • After bathing, pat area dry rather than rubbing.
  • Keep the area of skin moisturized with a natural oil based lotion or cream.
  • To keep the look for longer you will need to have a reapplication before the design is fully gone, book an appointment with Nicole! Another option is purchasing some Henna or Jagua for you to do this at home, products are available to buy online or by phone.

Enjoy your Henna or Jagua Temporary Tattoo for 1 – 2 weeks!