RAINFOREST JAGUA Black Temporary Tattoo Gel

Black temporary tattoo that looks real and lasts long.

Jagua (Genipa Americana)…

Jagua (pronounced Haguwa) is also known as Huito, Caruto, and Jenipapo throughout the Amazonian rainforests. It is a highly prized fruit that provides food, medicine, sun and insect repellent, and produces a black temporary dye for the skin.

Genipa americana as it is known by its latin name, is cultivated for its edible fruit. The juice of the immature fruit is clear, and produces genipine which when exposed to air, induces a chemical reaction on the human skin resulting in a nice tattoo-like dark blue-black.

Jagua fruit on the tree

The ripened fruit is used for food and beverages, such as jelly, sherbet and ice cream, when the high levels of genipine are not produced. It is also used as a treatment of candiru (parasitic catfish) attacks and tea is taken for bronchitis. The liquid has a stringent effect. Furthermore it stains the skin black and is used by rainforest natives as body-painting color a South American Indians bathe their legs in the clear liquid obtained from the fruit, or paint it on in patterns. These stains disappear after about a fortnight. Used during celebration, rituals, ceremonies, birth, death and also when going to battle. Genipa americana, the plant, prefers alluvial soils, and grows very quickly (producing in 3 years), even in heavily flooded fields. This tree can be planted, but more often than not it is dispersed by animals or water. It also serves as a very good climbing tree to reach other trees. In Puerto Rico, the fruit is placed in a glass container, refrigerated and used as a tonic. Folklore states that it contains natural glass.

Use the tattoo gel to apply a picture or design to skin. Leave on the skin for 3 hours, then peel and rinse away. At first, the stain is very light, but it gradually turns to a dark blue-black tattoo color after several hours. The stain lasts 8-15 days on the skin and it is permanent on various materials like cotton and wood. (So take care of your clothes during the staining process!)

**When applying anything new to your skin, be it Jagua or Henna it is best to test a small amount the inside of your elbow, where it is the most sensitive. If you experience a burning sensation after application, this is indicative that you may have a sensitivity to Jagua, henna or any product you test on your skin, if this is the case please discontinue use.**

When Jagua is applied to the skin, it begins as a light blue-gray color and turns into a dark blue-black color after several hours.

Jagua Stain lasts 5-14 days on skin.

Jagua Gel Ingredients: water, denatured alcohol, genipa americana, citric acid, potassium sorbate

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How to use your new Jagua Temporary Tattoo Gel Tube

Before you begin:

Wash the area well with soap and water, then dry. Pierce the end of the Jagua Gel tube with a thin pin or needle to create a tip for applying the gel. Or use one of the metal tips available in out supplies section. Gather the following supplies; paper towels, cotton swabs, toothpicks, trash bag, designs. Give yourself at least an hour for application and drying time. Of course depending on the design it could take much more time! Be creative, it is temporary so have fun!

Application Instructions:

Clean and dry the area. Apply the Jagua Gel Allow to dry for 20-45 minutes Leave the dry Gel on for at least 3 hours. Take the gel off outside or over a bucket or a sink, then gently wash with water to remove the residue The stain will be very light gray to begin with but will darken to a blue-black color within 5 – 48 hours.


Do not remove the Gel too early. Protect your tattoo with some cooking oil or aftercare balm before contact with water. Avoid contact with cleaning agents like soap or bleach, and try to minimize contact with chlorinated water. Avoid saunas and steam rooms. After bathing, pat area dry rather than rubbing.

Enjoy your Jagua Temporary Tattoo for 5 – 14 days!

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